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We are dedicated to our customers, and make sure that they receive only the best parts on the market. We go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied with every order. At Mopar Madness, we follow the Golden Rule: If we wouldn't use it in our cars, then we won't sell it to you.

Not only do we sell parts, but we also offer expert advice to our customers on how to:

  • Order the right parts
  • Properly install parts
  • Complete projects
  • And much more!

We make customer service our first priority, and want you to have only the best experience when you work with us. Call 970-454-2636 or email johnw5663@gmail.com today to order quality parts from our shop.

Trust the auto shop with 40+ years of experience

We have owned and managed several auto parts stores over the years, so we have comprehensive knowledge about the best parts in the industry. You are guaranteed to find the best components and parts for your Chrysler vehicle when you choose Mopar Madness.